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Need An Auto Loan After Consumer Proposal or Bankruptcy?

A consumer proposal or bankruptcy can ruin your credit and leave you in a financial mess for months on end. The good news is that still wants to do business with you. Despite the fact that you just went through a rough financial patch, we believe you deserve a second chance at getting a car on credit, and we want to help you rebuild your credit rating.

Auto Loans after Consumer Proposal or Bankruptcy

Get a Deal Done When You Need an Auto Loan after Bankruptcy

We want to help you get into a vehicle that you are proud to drive. After all, it is hard to start your day right when you have to climb into a cold car that doesn't have a radio. Therefore, let us help you avoid this situation by offering you affordable and agreeable auto loan terms regardless of your slow credit.

How Can A Deal Be Done?

Getting a deal done is a lot easier than you think. If you need an auto loan after bankruptcy, all you need is a job and a low debt-to-income ratio. Our finance managers can play with the numbers as long as it takes to make sure that you can gain approval. If an outside bank cannot approve you, we will use in-house financing to take care of you. This means that there is no waiting around and wondering if you are going to be approved.

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What Will I Qualify For?

Each person will qualify for a different amount depending on their income and ability to pay. For the most part, you should be ready to buy:

  • A car less than $10,000
  • A late-model pre-owned car
  • A cat that may or may not have a warranty

While that may sound dire, there are many great cars that are more than five years old. Drivers will also have the option of buying an extended warranty through the dealer or a service plan of their choice through a private company.

Getting a loan after bankruptcy is a distinct possibility for anyone. As long as you have a job, Canada Auto Approval is going to get you approved for a loan. Stop by your local GTA dealer lot today to see the next car that you are going to be driving down the road.

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